Saturday, October 30, 2010

there was ANOTHER one . . .

Well, we found another baby on our ultrasound this week!!
This is why I have been so sick - TWINS!!! #5 and #6!!

So. . . you can expect a MAJOR reorganization of the ENTIRE HOUSE!


I might have to even scrap my beloved closet system in the kids room and start again. I have so many configurations going through my head! should my toddlers share a queen bed or move to a single & toddler bed? where do we fit another dresser? where do we build another closet? Is it time for my boys to have bunk beds? If so, where do we put them?

Once the shock is gone - I am going to get down to business! So, hopefully, I can keep you all up to date with the house and LIFE changes!!

In the meantime - any new organization products or suggestions are ALWAYS welcome!! It might be time to reinvent the wheel!!


  1. Congrats again!
    If anyone can organize this well, I know it's you. ;)
    Btw, I vote for bunk beds. In time, we'll have Aidan & Brennan in bunk beds, and this baby boy in the room w/ them. (I don't want to give up the "play room", which is our only place for toys or guests. No basement here)

    Can't wait for your pictures!

  2. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

    You must be so excited!!!!
    God bless you (all)!!
    *I want twins!!

  3. Wow, twins?!?! You are so blessed...and brave! Our son was a singleton, but nearly 11 pounds at birth, which my doctor told me was close to the equivalent of carrying twins, LOL!