Sunday, March 27, 2011

Reorganization Take 2

I realize that the office doesn't seem like a priority for organization when awaiting twins however, the fact that I cannot see my feet made it one.

One entire wall of our office was littered with last years art and school supplies, craft projects and sewing goods. It was getting out of control and hazardous for small children and sneaky big kids alike.

With a LOT of help (due to my lack of bending abilities), I managed to get it all organized into my BELOVED mod podge containers and get it up on a shelf.

Is this the designer dream office I have been plotting for years - no. But it is JUST what was called for in our phase of life. My philosophy for the house this last year has been: Do what you can, when you can, for now. You can always add or design more later.

Now, we have a desk for the boys to get their work done, a place to store ALL of the crafty artsy fun supplies and a clear space I can waddle through without stepping on crayons with my bare feet.