Thursday, February 3, 2011

Reorganization Take 1

With the arrival of the twins in about 4 weeks, the house transformations are just about finished - for now. Of course, with my crazy pregnant lady eye, I have found MANY more projects that I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to take on but alas - priorities.

I started with the kids room and my beloved closet system creation.

We have taken out half of the play area to accommodate the TWO closet rods and bin shelves that were seriously needed. I just picked up three closet maid 6 cube shelves to flank the rods. The cube bins now hold their socks, slippers, underwear, under shirts, school pants and school gym uniform. With summer coming up, I am thinking of putting a bin on top for swim trunks.

Since our boys are getting older, this will be their changing area and where ALL of their clothes will be kept. I have lifted up their beds for storage underneath as well - where they now store their PJ's and spare sheets. There is also a large dresser for the boys to keep their jeans, tee shirts and sweat pants across from their closet.

The extra cubes hold extra diapers for the girls, pillow cases and crib bedding. Though, I may end up putting the swim trunks and swim suits in there as well. As with all new systems we will need to try it out to see if it works for our family. There are more photos here.

I have moved ALL kids books into this window nook. It doesn't always stay cleaned up but it is a good out of the way spot for the kids to grab books.

The girls have inherited their own dressers. PJ's are still kept under the crib as well as the diaper changing things. In our house, bedtime consists of my husband and I grabbing a spot on the floor and getting everyone ready. With the diapers and PJ's under the crib, it makes it easy to just grab supplies instead of running around the room for things. It may not work for everyone but it fits in with our families system.