Wednesday, June 22, 2011

TWINS have arrived!

Well, our twins have arrived and my quest for organization had taken a short break. The lack of sleep has been daunting, my laundry mountain has turned into the Cascade mountain range, I am potty training a toddler, school is out which means EVERYONE is home and BORED and our house has been under construction since the day after I arrived home from the hospital.

This craziness has brought on some fun exciting new turns however! The "construction" is our unused sun-room being transformed into a laundry room / mud room off of the kitchen. GLORY!!! The new laundry room will be finished soon and my life will dramatically change - FIRST FLOOR LAUNDRY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Having two newborns is twice the work and twice the lack of sleep . . . However, they are twice worth it. They are very good babies who love to snuggle and I get twice the amount of adorable baby smiles looking back at me.