Thursday, August 4, 2011

DIY Closet System

After finally going through all of my email (cause it has been a WHILE) I have discovered several of the same question. By SEVERAL I am not implying I have a VAST number of readers hanging on my every word - emailing me daily. I just mean, I have received more than ONE (less than 100) email with the same question.

WHAT have I used to make my beloved closet system.

So, I figured since (more than one!) inquiring minds want to know . . . I shall tell you!

I bought the white shelves at Ikea - they are the billy bookcase line. The tall ones are around $40 a piece and the short ones are $25. But any matching shelves would work. Then again, I guess they don't HAVE to match if that floats your boat, same size would be good. Mine HAVE to match because my OCD requires it.

The rods I bought at home depot and are made by closet maid. My husband attached a block of wood on the inside of the shelf so the rod had more to hang on to. It just made it more secure.

I put a white "floating" shelf above the rod between the shelves (ikea lack shelf) so it was even all the way across (again with my OCD). I attached all of the book cases to the wall with "L" brackets and then put a screw through the book case into the side of the LACK shelf for stability. Honestly, by saying I, what I really mean is that my lovely handy men and free family labor did it while "I" supervised.

The wooden boxes I picked up at joann fabrics and painted them (I DID actually do this, most of it anyway). The days of the week bins are just from the dollar tree of all places and I labelled them with foam sticky letters. You might want to use extra glue because they don't stay with just the adhesive. Though, looking back now, I should have just used a sharpie.

Am I missing anything??

Oh, when we added on to the closet system in the play area, the 6 cube shelves that we used were closet maid. You can get them anywhere (target, walmart, lowes, amazon, etc) and the fabric bins are also closet maid.

Well now, you are free to go out and build a custom closet system for your home. Just remember . . . closet organization systems evolve over time, after trial and error. Be flexible and always keep your eye out of ways to tweek it to suit you and your needs. No matter how PRETTY looking a closet can be (or how they make you tear up just looking at them) it needs to be functional and suit everything you can throw at it.


  1. I came across your blog while googling how to build a closet. We live in a house that is 100 years old or a little more and my boys bedroom doesn't have a closet. Can I just say you are a genius?! Thanks for explaining how you did this! I am going shopping tomorrow!!

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