Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Laundry of My Dreams

Well, the crazy construction is just about finished and we are 90% moved into the new laundry room off the kitchen.

I am down right GIDDY! I grin ear to ear, give a big sigh and feel butterflies whenever I walk through the door. Yes, it is THAT amazing! The only thing that would top this is if there was a magical machine to fold and put the laundry away as well. But, I digress . . .

The most impressive thing in the room is the large folding bench that houses 10 laundry baskets - like drawers! The original idea came from this great blog that I really enjoy - Ana White - formally known as Knock off wood. I saw this laundry dresser and instantly knew I had to have it!

After measuring the room, we realized that we could make a shorter, longer version. With lightening speed, my father whipped it out the vary last day he was in town. A bit of sanding, primer and paint - throw in some cheap-ish laundry baskets from walmart, and it has become the star of our new laundry oasis.

Currently, the first two baskets are what I call the "INTAKE" baskets. That way, I can be flexible with my loads and no one has to figure out WHAT system I feel like using that week. The rest are sorted loads ready to throw in. I even have a couple of baskets for pool towels.

The possibilities for this bench are endless! I am sure I will be trying them all to find works best for us. In the meantime - it shall be my new favorite organizational toy!

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  1. Congrats! I admire your ability to look at something you like in a blog, and see the potential for adapting it to your home. Also, I am just plain envious of your laundry room. hahaha! Good job!