Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Quest for Medication Organization

OH, what a week this has been!

Growing up, I was allergic to SO many different kinds of medication that I really had to be careful what I was taking. Even over the counter things were dangerous! Makes me think, with all of the medication given out so often throughout ones lifetime, whether medical/drug allergies are going to be a continuing trend.

Here seems to be the dilemma in our home currently, kids with different medication allergies. What is the best way to keep them all organized so everyone in our home (who is administering medication) knows whom gets what? AND . . . how BEST to keep track of different medications taken at different times for different children.

Well, simplicity seems to be the answer here at our house! I have just come up with a florescent list hanging in the medication cabinet AND in the hall closet where we keep our extra medication. As if that isn’t enough, I have added a note behind my ID in my wallet (in case of an emergency) and in my “mama” planner. Short of stapling it to their heads, I think they MAY be safe. When it comes to REALLY dangerous allergies however, I came across these fantastic bracelets with a usb plug to store all of your medical information. A VERY smart idea indeed!

Then, to answer the administration of medication issue . . . I was just using a simple dry erase board, which I drew check boxes on. I have since; come up with an easy chart with I can print and keep on a clipboard. Also, to save time, I have put thick rubber bands on the bottles with each Childs name on them so I don’t have to read through them all to find the right kids medication. (A friend of mine gave me this great idea for kid’s cups and it has been working for medication as well.) You can also get different colored bands for the measuring cups or spoons so you can adjust it to the dosage. This made it a little easier, just be sure to double check before you give it just in case the band shifts or use small bands that will not move (like little girls hair bands). You can even MATCH the colors on the bottles with the measuring spoon so you can do it all quickly with little mistakes. This is good because with more than one sick child, you tend to have VERY little sleep and a LOT of coffee in your system.

I also have FANTASTIC spring-cleaning goals in regards to the disastrous hall closet that we now “lovingly” refer to as the BLACK HOLE! I am going to get different bins (surprise, surprise!) for each family member and then keep their regular medication and a brief medical history in each one. Just simple notes like, allergies or surgeries, nothing crazy long or unnecessary. I used to keep this information in a binder separated for each family member but, it was growing quite large due to all of the people in our family and i like the idea that it can all be in ONE place.

HOPEFULLY, it will solve the hour-long search for everyone’s medication and it will save my toes from getting hit with falling objects every time I open that closet door.

**Now, I know that by posting this, I am making sure that I do this job, so you are all going to help keep me accountable. Sorry for the added responsibility!


  1. I keep a medical history form for every person in the family in my glove box. It covers the basics so that in case I find myself in the ER for myself, someone else, or both I don't have to worry about forgetting an important fact when I'm trying not to freak out or worse yet, unconscious. I also keep 2 phone numbers saved in my cell as ICE1 & ICE2 (In Case of Emergency). That way paramedics know exactly who to call if they find my cell phone.

  2. This is why I love getting our Rx needs filled at Target. This is the system they use. Each family member chooses a colored band for all of their medications, and that color band always goes around their medication bottle. Ever since then I continue to use Target for their pharmacy.
    It's perfect.

  3. Oh, I wish we had a Target near us, that would be PERFECT!

  4. This is great- I am personally a sick person as I have Fibromyalgia and I'm on many different medications and my boy friend is trying to help me find ways to make my life easier and some of these ideas are great especially when we both have medication in the same area or the exact same medication! Oh I too love Target's bottles. I wish other pharmacys would do the same because the closest Target to me is to far for my frequent Rx fills.