Friday, March 12, 2010

Organizing Nerd Honor

I am SUCH a organizing (using my many BINS) nerd that I was BEYOND excited in discovering She too, shares my love of all BINS and CONTAINERS! I sent her a few photos of the kids "closets" and low and behold . . . she loved the idea.
So, in true NERD fashion, I am very honored to be mentioned in her blog today!


  1. just found you thru orgjunkie - great job om the closets - love the colors and the system!

  2. LOVED your pictures on OrgJunkie! I grew up in a bedroom with sloped ceilings, and implementing those ideas so would have helped :)

  3. #1 i love the blog! #2 i love the "closets!" and i had no idea all the kids were in 1 room! miss ya!!!!